sometimes you just have to shout, apparently.

So I've been pulling some late nights recently.  Skipping a vitamin here and there.  Running?  Who feels like exercising when I'm so tired from staying up late?  Eating healthy?  Nah, let me just grab this quick snack here. Not to mention, my children have both been sick for two-and-a-half weeks, and still are.  Yes, we're a regular germ-fest over here. My body has been warning me for weeks, in a nice, gentle, polite sort of way.  A yawn here and there....  "Stacey, come on, we're all tired in here.  Go to bed."  A migraine that lasts the entire weekend....  "Stace, seriously, you need to slow down, girl, you're pushing it."  Well, I'm pretty good at just flat-out ignoring my body when it quietly nudges me.  So apparently, it got tired of me neglecting its advice, and decided to SCREAM at me.  I woke up this morning thinking I'd been hit by a Mac truck......  "FINE.  I tried to warn you of what would happen.  But no, you wouldn't listen, would ya?  You had to stay up late, you had to do this, you had to do that.  So guess what?  Now you have no choice, because we're all SICK in here.  Your tonsils, your throat, your head, your ears, your entire body needs a stinkin' break.  Hrmph.  So there."  Okay, okay, I hear ya!  Mercy.

After a quick visit to my doctor this morning (who, might I add, was wearing a face-mask, love his heart), I am officially taking the rest of the day off.  And maybe tomorrow too.  I'm sorry my body had to shout to get my attention.  Gosh, it gets so touchy sometimes.  ;)  I'll return all calls and emails in a day or so when I'm feeling human again.  Thanks so much!


Before I go back to bed (and enjoy the sound of this much-needed rain), I want to share some images that I've been meaning to post forever and just haven't had time.  My dear friend Stephanie Beaty, of Lifeography fame, moved to VA Beach a couple of months ago.  Before she left, we got our kids together for one last playdate (and one last photoshoot - see how that all works together without the kids knowing it?!  lol).  Here are some of my favorite images of the day.  I already miss her so very much, and feel incredibly blessed to have gotten to know her for the time that she lived here.  As Anne of Green Gables used to say, she is a "kindred spirit."  :)  Good luck, sweet Steph, in growing your business as a Virginia Beach child photographer!  You are loved for your amazing work, as well as your amazing heart.  xoxo


I loved how they just seemed to blend into the tree.  Little chameleons, they were.



Notice the wet tushy?  :)


More by my favorite tree, in my favorite park.  In my favorite yummy light.  Loved these.

lens flare

Stephanie posted some images of us too (and a tear-jerker of a post), if you'd like to take a peek at her blog...  :)

And yes.  We had preschoolers AND babies with us, so we got by with the help of our Beco carriers.  Isn't she cute with Finn on her back?  There's an image on Steph's blog of me photographing Liam, with Lila on my back.  Hey, ya do what ya gotta do to get the shot!  ;)