Daddy's girl

On my last trip home to Kentucky, I photographed my baby sister and her little family.  We kept these images under wraps for Chad for Father's Day, so I think it's safe to share them now.  :)  (I actually gave you a little sneak peek here!)  Now, finally, here are a few of my favorites from my afternoon in the country with Trish, Chad, and little Macy.  :) sweet pea

"Little Sweet Pea" is her Daddy's nickname for her.  So I grabbed this book off my son's shelf before I boarded the plane.  ;)  Perfect.  And nothing like a little game of peek-a-boo behind the bed curtains, right?  She's had this little stuffed boxer puppy since she was born, so of course we incorporated him into the session.  Love how she kept putting him behind the curtain and then pulling him out again.  I swear, her giggle was cracking ME up!


blog2Loved her onesie!

perfect just like my dad


With my sister, her pretty Mommy.  :)




Miss you, sweet girl!  Be good to your Mommy today.  ;)  xoxo

~Aunt Stace

*If you're looking for a giggle (or three, or four) make sure you visit Trish's blog.  She's got a great sense of humor and the most hilarious way of dealing with the challenges that parenthood brings.  And the cutest little "Kentucky-isms" and phrases you've ever heard.  LOL!  Go leave her some blog love.  :)