I love photographing families.  I love watching them laugh and smile and tease.  I love discovering the resemblances ~ even if I don't fully notice them during the shoot, I'll certainly discover them while processing their images.  :)  This particular family was a treat to spend the morning with.  Although it was blazing hot and unbelievably humid (this was the very last day of July in Florida, keep in mind), this family was so patient and wonderful through the entire shoot. They've had to be even more patient with me as I soldier on through my crazy technical difficulty and blogging/posting issues.  So here is their "sneak peek", just a few days before their gallery goes live anyways.  ;)


Aren't they a gorgeous family?!  And listen to this ~ when I asked mom and daughter to squish up really tightly so I could capture them together, this sweet teenager said "Oh that's okay with me, I love this woman!!"  That melted my heart right there on the spot.  How many teenage daughters would honestly say that about their Mother these days?!  I love to see moms and daughters so close.




Ahem, I won't confess why they're laughing.  :)  But it's an honest laugh, that's for sure!!  Exactly what I was after.  And ya know what?  This image makes me smile every time I look at it!!  I'm having trouble moving on to editing the next image because I keep clicking on this one.  LOL!  I love when that happens.

blog12 Martin Family, I had a wonderful time with you guys ~ thanks so very much for braving the heat and humidity for your outdoor session.  Your gallery will be up in just a few days!  Can't wait to show you what else we got.   ;)