her name was Belva Charlene.

She was tall, strong, brave, and kind.  She was a wife, a sister, an aunt, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother and even a great-great-grandmother.  She was a Christian, and she loved her family with all her heart.  She was one of the most giving, selfless, gentle women I've ever known.  She made the most delicious pecan pies and cream candy, and I looked forward to her treats every holiday.  She always laughed at the antics of my sisters when we were little.  "That Trish," she'd say, shaking her head.  She celebrated her 94th birthday in June.  I hope she remembered it ~ Alzheimer's had taken so many of her memories by then.  But she always knew my dad when he went to visit her.  "Why, hello, Pat!" she'd say with a smile and a twinkle of her clear blue eyes.  Such a sweet woman.  Her name was Belva Charlene Holbrook.  She was my Nanny, my great-grandmother.  And with a heavy heart, I am glad to know that she suffers no more here on this earth. I miss you already, Nanny, but I'm so grateful for growing up under your influence of kindness and constant grace.  You were a treasure to know, and I'm so glad we got to borrow you here on this earth for awhile.  I hope you're dancing in Heaven right now.  You deserve the largest mansion with the biggest field of flowers to enjoy, and children to surround you there just as they did here.  We love you, and are comforted in knowing that we'll see you again one day.  Welcome Home, Nanny.  xox

3gensThis photograph was taken December 2008 of my great-grandmother, my dad, and my son.  She always folded her slim hands that graceful way, and I adore her smiling eyes here.