So many gifts

I love this sweet girl and her precious mama and daddy. I met them when this very big preschooler was just a babe in her mama's tummy, and I've been so blessed to be able to watch her grow these past three years.

Earlier this summer, to mark Isa's 3rd birthday, we went back to the Sand Pearl, which holds very special meaning to Isa's parents. We read her favorite books, we twirled in tutus, we giggled, we dressed up, we played Mommy, we played on the white dunes, splashed in the Gulf, jumped a few waves and got a little bit wet :) and snuggled in blankets with her Mama at the end. 

I left the session so full and happy, nostalgic and thankful. Like I'd just opened a gift that meant the world to me. 

Stacey Woods lifestyle photography for children
Stacey Woods, lifestyle photographer
Horton Hears a Who, by Stacey Woods
Horton Hears a Who 2, by Stacey Woods
Toddler Feet, by Stacey Woods
Sand Pearl Ballerina, by Stacey Woods
Just Like Mommy, by Stacey Woods
Style, Baby  |  by Stacey Woods
All the Giggles, by Stacey Woods
Kisses from Daddy, by Stacey Woods
Family on the Beach, by Stacey Woods
Family on the Dunes, by Stacey Woods
Kicking up Sand with Daddy, by Stacey Woods
Little Girl Curls, photography by Stacey Woods
Catching a Wave, family beach photography by Stacey Woods
Lifestyle Family Photography, Stacey Woods
Kids beach photography by Stacey Woods
Lifestyle Family Photography on Clearwater Beach, by Stacey Woods

Isa's grandparents were in town to visit her (they're from Kentucky too... my favorite kind of people!), and they told me how many of her photos they have up in their home... how they sometimes tear up when they look at them, and how much they appreciate having these photographs to keep Isa close, even though they can't see her every day. 

It was precious of them to share this, and it was encouraging for me to see them so delighted about something that I can give them. A connection to their sweet girl miles away. 

And I will use this gift of mine somehow, someway, until I don't have anything left to give anymore.

Sister and Fur Brother, by Stacey Woods

Just for old time's sake... the last photo (with her cute fur brother, Spencer) is from 2014. It's unbelievable how much Isa has grown and changed in a year! Time passes quickly, friends. Don't waste a minute of it.


busy as a little bee

Lately I've been busy-busy, hunkered down behind my desk getting my canvas displays ready, finalizing client albums and prints, having the most fun sessions ever, ordering new marketing pieces with my BRAND NEW LOGO, yay!  Anyhow, I haven't had much time to be online lately but I wanted to pop in here and let you know that I'll be posting fun sessions again soon!  In the meantime, here is the little one who helps me during the day while Bubby is at preschool.  Isn't she precious?  How could I possibly get anything done without her?  (Wait, let me rephrase that.... How could I possibly get anything done without her sitting on my lap?!  lol.) pick me up!

Or sitting at my feet, standing up beside my legs, reaching up into my lap.  ;)  And no, I didn't do anything special to her eyes, other than focusing on them at a very wide aperture.  They got no special sharpening or dodging or anything like that, I just sharpened the whole image for web.  She's just plain beautiful, isn't she?!  Bedhead, PJs and all.

at mama's desk

I can't imagine my workdays without her!

By the way, can y'all believe that I'm scheduling for the fall already?!  August is almost full, and September and October are filling up as well.  June still has about two or three session dates available, and July is looking busy so far as well.  If you'd like to book a session with me this summer, please go ahead and contact me as soon as you can so I can be sure to get you on my schedule.  Typically, my autumn months book up backwards due to Christmas deadlines and such.  I plan on announcing my Holiday Mini-Sessions just as soon as I get the dates and locations firmed up.  So stay tuned for more news on that!  I'll be back soon.  :)

like mama, like daughter

You know I had to keep that title Southern.  LOL! Nicole contacted me recently and shared the news that her Mom was going to be in town from Arizona for a visit, and that she'd love to have me photograph their relationship together, as mother and daughter.  And for me, it was an honor.  Let me just tell you... I had an absolute blast with these gals tromping all over Clearwater Beach.  Thankfully, they trusted in my vision for the session, and let me have at it.  Even when, during our wandering, I stopped quickly and instructed that they sit down here, yes right here, in the middle of the sidewalk!  :)  I love it when clients "get" my style and just go with the flow. We have such a good time, and hopefully, the results speak for themselves.  I'll let y'all be the judges...

I looooove this combo.  Love how relaxed and beautiful they both look here....

We had the most gorgeous light to work with!  I loooove the golden hour.  :)

We even stopped for ice cream at one of my favorite little hideaways.  :)

Now.  Don't these just make you want to call your Mama??  :)  Remember that this Sunday, May 10, is Mother's Day!  SWP is offering Gift Certificates to give the sweetest ladies in your life.  Show them how much you adore them by giving them the priceless gift of custom photography... either a session to celebrate themselves or one to capture memories with the kiddos.  Inquire for details!

Y'all STAY TUNED to the blog for the next few days.  I have TONS of sneak peeks and sessions to showcase here, plus lots of personal "stuff" to share too.  Bear with me as I catch up from this crazy week!  :)

such a beautiful family, inside and out

I met this super-sweet family a few weeks back at Honeymoon Island, and we had such a fun time together!  


I loved how relaxed these two were the whole session.  I tell ya, it makes my job soooo much easier! 

These beautiful parents have five gorgeous kids.  Who were just about the funniest, most playful, and most well-mannered kids I'd ever seen.  Well, even if a few of them are practically grown-ups themselves.  ;)






The girls...

Absolutely loved this one.....

And the boys...


And I just loved this one among the sea grapes....  :)

Thanks, guys, for such a fun evening at the beach!  And for playing along with all of my wacky ideas.  :)  I hope you enjoy these!