The timelessness of Newborns in Black and White

Beautiful darling girl. Such a delight and loved beyond measure. 

Those rolls. That head of hair and tiny toes.

Those lips. 

Stacey Woods black and white newborn photograph
Stacey Woods Newborn Photographer
Stacey Woods black and white photographer
Stacey Woods lifestyle newborn photographer
Stacey Woods photographer
Stacey Woods black and white photography
Newborn Photography by Stacey Woods of Tampa Bay

Photographing newborns in black and white is something I truly love to do. Look at that soft light falling across those sweet baby features. There is something special about their softness, their roundness, wrinkles and creases, that look so timeless and perfect when limited to natural light and black and white tones. So simple and classic. Newborn images like this look amazing when collected in minimalist albums or framed large on the wall. They don't go out of style, even when you change the decor of your home, or when your little baby girl grows up and starts kindergarten. :) 

If you're expecting and would like for me to photograph your little one soon, I'd encourage you to reach out to me sooner rather than later: I want to meet your little one freshly home from the hospital if I can! And if you're nesting, wouldn't it feel so great to get this crossed off your checklist now? Click here to let me know your due date, and let's collaborate!