their gifts to me

I love sessions like this. They were waiting in the window for me when I pulled into their driveway.  Mom said they had been looking forward to our session all week long.  They gathered clam shells and wildflowers, bird feathers, rocks and treebark, and stuffed them into my hands before I left.  Precious gifts to me.  Brandon hugged me at least eight times before I left, and Gracie offered me one of her beloved silly bandz.  I think it might have been the elusive glow-in-the-dark variety too, so what an honor that was!  I am a lucky photographer, indeed.  :)

This is such a sweet family, and I'm blessed to enjoy my second session with them.  Ever-welcoming, warm, and delightful in every way.  I melted more than once while editing their gallery images, and I'm sure you will too once you see how darling these kids are.


safety harbor family photographerThis year, their session was held at their home, and I loved their energy together.  I was able to be there to document storytime, snuggling, a fun (and funny) game of UNO, romping in the backyard, kisses in abundance, and the most gorgeous sunset ~ right from adirondack chairs in their backyard, which overlooked the water.  It's a joy to witness this type of connection between family members... documenting it with my camera is even more of a blessing to me.  Yet another gift from this family.

black and white lifestyle family photography

modern kids photography

kids photography tampa

tampa bay kids photographer

modern family photography clearwater

And a couple of sweet, most-absolute-favorite images I couldn't bear to leave out...

family photography in tampa

modern kids photos tampaThat last one has me melting all over again.  Reminiscing about their session last year.  Thinking about a quote I recently read: 

"We do not remember days... we remember moments."  ~Cesare Pevase

Thank you so much for waiting patiently for your sneak peek, Bruce and Lisa.  I just adore your babies, as sweet as they are, and it's always a pleasure spending time with you.  I'll have your entire gallery ready for you soon, so get ready!  :)


Small "housekeeping" note:  I will have Holiday Mini-Sessions finalized and announced by Monday!  I'm booking regular sessions well into late October and November at this time, so if you want your photo shoot to take place before Christmas (and in time for Holiday print delivery) be sure to call right away to get on my schedule.  It's a crazy one this year!  :)  Thanks much!

in the blink of an eye.

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, in that carseat that seemed to swallow him whole.  Tiny blue onesie.  Sleepy blue eyes.  Itty-bitty cry.

Today, he turned five.  And I am feeling a little bittersweet.  So sad to think he'll be starting Kindergarten this fall.  Yet so proud to see him accomplish such "big-boy" things.  My heart both breaks and swells with pride as I watch him grow up right in front of my eyes.

I crept into his bedroom last night, after he was good and asleep, and I thanked God for giving me the honor of being this child's mother.  Thank you, God, for letting me take care of him here on this Earth.  Thank you for giving him such a sweet heart, and please guide me in the duty of nurturing that heart and mind as he grows.

We had a rather large celebration for him this weekend.  We are blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love him!  But since today was his actual birthday, we celebrated quietly at home... with a trip to the ice cream shop, some fun at the playground, and dinner at his favorite restaurant (Skyline Chili, LOL!).  Then we baked a cake at home, and laughed and loved until bedtime.  I couldn't ask for a more perfect ending to today.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.  "I wuv you pieces."

Love, Mama.  xoxo


I wanted to share one of my recent maternity sessions with you.  Actually, baby Luke has just been born, and I can't wait to meet him!  Here he is inside his Mama's tummy a few short weeks ago...

Love the image on the bottom right.... see Big Brother's fingerprints on the mirror?  Ahh, that's the best part!!


Doesn't she look so beautiful and relaxed?

Really, she just glowed.  Such a delight to see (and remember!) all the anticipation in those last few weeks...  

And something tells me that this little guy will never have cause for jealousy, with all the snuggling that goes on in this family.  :)  Such a treat for me to see families loving on each other!

Okay, back to my proofing cave for the rest of the week....  I'll come out to blog a session or two every now and then, LOL!  I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for my holiday orders and recent sessions.  Whew!  Y'all have certainly kept me busy this year, and I can't even tell you how much I appreciate it!!!  XOXOXO!

Now for the boys....

So many families of girls I've photographed recently!  This shoot was 100% boy, however.  Trains (both Thomas and the authentic variety), soccer in the backyard, crazy animal sounds, lots of snuggling with Mama and Daddy, and laughs by the barrel-full.  See for yourself... I think they were pretending to be tigers here.  ;)  LOVE that Mom and Dad joined in, how fun is that?!

Such handsome faces.....  


Hailing Thomas...  ;)

Thanks so much, guys, for an awesome playdate.  I had a blast with you, and all of your boyish-ness!