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I really wonder sometimes why I am so lucky.  I have the honor of documenting so many babies' first weeks of life. . .  and again when they're a little older as they crawl throughout their home and discover so many new things.  Then again when they're walking, talking, growing up.  It's been such a pleasure working with my clients over and over again, and by the time their baby is a year or so, it's just like visiting with family. This family is no exception.  It has been such a pleasure working with them over the past year.  Just over a year ago, when their babies were a week old, I was able to witness their bond because any time we'd lie them down together, they'd immediately find each other and snuggle right up, arm in arm.  It was precious to watch.







I've had the privilege of watching them marvel at their first Christmas lights together, listening to their babbles and coos. Crawling, laughing, smiling, enjoying the beauty around them (and watching their parents acting silly behind me and my camera).  ;)





And recently I was invited to join in their first birthday celebration,to see them walking around as the full-fledged toddlers that they have become.  It was a perfect, lovely afternoon in their backyard, and I'm so happy that I was able to be in attendance.







ac00531I loved the vintage theme of the party.  Some of the toys reminded me of my own childhood (Fisher-Price movie viewer, anyone?).




ac0100Happy 1st Birthday, sweet babies.  You will change the world someday.  You are already so amazing, and I feel blessed to know you.  Much love.

Thank you, Chris and Monique, for letting me come along on this sweet ride with your family.  I've enjoyed every moment, and I look forward to watching your "babies" grow.


Post-a-palooza continues....

I loved this session... big brother was so fun and full of energy (as per the age!), and their Mama was so patient and gentle with them the entire session.  That makes my job SO much easier!!  (Thanks Ashley!!  xoxo)

He was so playful, and so much fun.  What I'd give, sometimes, to just be able to play in the floor all morning without a care in the world.

He danced and danced.  I loved the light coming from behind him while he bopped around.  :)  And that blur of his arm just gets me.... makes me remember the way he spun around with pure joy.  Oh to be a child again -- just for a few moments!

His beautiful little sister was awake, and completely the opposite of her brother (well, this particular morning at least -- I don't know what their Mama might say about most other days!).  ;)  During the shoot, she was calm and gentle, and so serene.  She quietly soaked up the room with her big brown eyes.  I adored her.

See the difference between these two?  It's quite the same at our house too, I assure you.  LOL!  

And I wouldn't change that for the world.  :)  

Now for the boys....

So many families of girls I've photographed recently!  This shoot was 100% boy, however.  Trains (both Thomas and the authentic variety), soccer in the backyard, crazy animal sounds, lots of snuggling with Mama and Daddy, and laughs by the barrel-full.  See for yourself... I think they were pretending to be tigers here.  ;)  LOVE that Mom and Dad joined in, how fun is that?!

Such handsome faces.....  


Hailing Thomas...  ;)

Thanks so much, guys, for an awesome playdate.  I had a blast with you, and all of your boyish-ness!

So this was my weekend...

My parents flew into town on Friday to visit us, and to see how much the kids have grown.  Gosh, what a shock they got when they saw how monstrous Lila's chunky thighs are, lol!  Ahh, she's such a good eater.  :)  Anyhow, we visited, laughed, played, loved, and cried.  For three days.  And Parker sobbed when we dropped them off at the airport today, love his heart.  I thought I'd share a few "snapshots" with you from our short time together....  

Popaw Pat and his "little man" watching Christmas movies together, of all things!  ;)  Told ya we were in the Christmas spirit here at the Woods house!  lol

Love her expression here.... she makes this face a lot!  And it melts me of course.

"Nammie" (one of the grandkids couldn't say "Grammy" so it stuck) and her 5th granddaughter... Can you believe Parker is the only son/grandson on my side of the family?  Just my boy and a bunch of girly-girls, blech!  ;) 

Right before leaving for the airport.... at least he held it together until they were out of sight!  (Ahem, same goes for me, as always....)

And we took Parker into the backyard this afternoon for a little "mini-session"...  it's for a project that my Mom is working on.  I couldn't help but adore these!!

Apparently he was LOVING my knock-knock jokes today.  Thank goodness!  I thought I'd run out of tricks with this one....  ;)  And last one.... "Progression of a Laugh" I call it.  Now, I dare you not to smile.  :)

I'm back in the office as of this morning (Tuesday).  I've got a slew of emails and voice messages to return, so if you need me, no worries..... I'll be glued to my office chair for the entire day!!!!  :)