Take It In

Last week I had a session in Tampa and found myself taking the Courtney Campbell home. As I don't often have a quiet car, I relished the silence and enjoyed the view of the Bay around me as I drove, smiling and just soaking up the sunshine. 

It was a gorgeous day. The water was almost perfectly still and so very blue, like a mirror of the sky. There is a narrow road that runs alongside the causeway, right at the water's edge.  I'd never paid much attention to it before, but today I desperately looked for an opening in the guard rails so I could get closer to the water and stop to take it in.

What a blessing it is to be this close to such a beautiful, natural source of water. I feel so peaceful near it. The ocean, whether at the beach or in the bay, calms my busy mind and anxious heart the way nothing else can.

Tampa Bay Florida by Stacey Woods