oh, to have as much time on my hands as the hackers seem to.

I suppose it wouldn't be a Friday unless I had to fight off hackers, spammers, spoofers and otherwise technology-compromising idiots. It seems that my email account has been hacked somehow, and also my Contact Page from the main website is not sending my inquiries to me.   If you have contacted me recently and I have not returned your call or email, please contact me right away at 727.698.0344.  I assure you I want to hear from you! :)  Also, if you've received any kind of funky email from an address similar to mine, you can go ahead and delete that too, as I probably didn't write it in the first place. It goes against my Southern/Country upbringing to just ignore someone who is talking to you.  And it pains me to have people assume I'm doing just that ~ cyber-ignoring you.  ;)  Hopefully today it will be resolved, however I don't know if I will ever gain access to the contact details contained within the emails I've missed.  *sigh*

It amazes me what people will do with their precious time.  Where are the internet police?!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to find my superhero cape once again (the one I shoved into the closet) and do some rear-kicking. I will return! And with lots of sneak peeks too ~ so don't go away!

ETA: my incoming and outgoing email seems to be back on track for the moment... and I think we've fixed the Contact Form on my website going forward.  What's gone seems to be gone, however.  In that vein, I would like to apologize for the dozens of interested clients who must have had no other choice but to think I was being unfriendly or unresponsive to their email inquiry during that time.  Oh, how my heart sank when I was able to weed through the error messages and spam/spoof attempts to find so many garbled emails and bouncebacks.  And not a stitch of return contact info.  :(  Tomorrow is a new day!