the superheroes | part one

I recently got to hang out with two young superheroes-in-training.  Both of these oh-so-cute brothers were celebrating their birthdays, and I got to play with them for a little while before their celebration took place at the Hall of Justice.  ;) First, we practiced our Lurking.  A superhero always has to be stealthy, on the lookout for villians... and, ahem, photographers.  Just ask Spiderman!  I was certainly happy to play the role of Peter Parker this day!


Next, we must practice our Hulk-Smashing and Web-Slinging "THWIP!"  "POW!"  "KA-BOOM!"  "WOP!"


And we must search for the perfect fence to try out our Wall-Crawling. A good superfriend must always be ready to climb, scale, and leap over tall buildings (and wooden fences) in a single bound.




And if that isn't enough superhero training, why, then we just wait until the REAL Batman and Spidey show up to take over.  :) be continued!