Happy Father's Day BABY!

Yes... she's here! Our little girl has arrived. She's simply captivated us, and has melted all of our hearts! Meet our newest darling.... Lila Kate Woods.


And she was the perfect Father's Day present for Chris... she was born on Sunday morning, June 15. She also shares her birthday with her Papa Donnie. And you can bet he was floating a few inches off the ground that day too. ;) I love this shot of my tiny Lila in his big hands....


Lila and I are both doing wonderfully, thanks to my amazing doctor, the angelic team of nurses who cared for us while we were at the hospital, and all our friends and family who drove 12-15 hours to be with us for her birth, and who are so generously giving of their time and talents to help us settle in. You'll never know how much you all mean to us!


Thanks again to my sweet friends Amy and Stacy, for coming over to "play" today. I had sooooo much fun! And I can't wait to see the gorgeous images you created for us! We love you both! xoxo
I promise to post more photos of our sweet girl later on... oh I've got tons to show you!!! :)