I'm officially too pregnant for this gig....

Yep. I scared Grandma half to death when I climbed to the second floor of the kids' fort, trying to "get the shot". Now photographers, tell me, was this sibling image not worth it?! YOU would have climbed the fort too, right?? ;)


I admit, I'm a very "physical" shooter, as my clients have witnessed.... they've seen me climbing walls, perching tiptoe on chairs and ladders, lying on my tummy in the middle of the street (well, not in the last nine months or so!) sitting down in fire-ant infested grassy fields, straddling a bathtub or two (or three), the list goes on and on. Given my history, I didn't even question climbing the stairs to sit in the fort with these three kiddos. (And oh my goodness, they certainly kept me laughing!!) The only downer was when the girls ran off to change clothes, and little Jack here ran off behind them.... I'm standing at the top of the fort yelling, "Um, Jack! Hey buddy, can you come help me down from here???" LOL! So, yeah, I've officially reached my limitations while shooting client sessions. Not bad though, for 8-1/2 months pregnant, eh? ;)



Even the dogs were fun, jumping into the pond and everything. As soon as I opened the door and walked into the Kennedys' home, this sweet St. Bernard lay right down on my feet. What a lover.



I can't even TELL YOU how much I ADORE this next shot of all the kids together.... The girls' sweet giggle and their brother's "bleh, GIRLS!"-face just melt my heart!! (Yeah, this shot was taken in the fort too!)


And one with Mom. Can you see where these gorgeous kids get their looks? They also inherited her totally relaxed attitude. (Which I definitely appreciated, lol!) It was so refreshing!



Loved this swing shot for some reason....


And possibly my favorite...... a perfect way to end a photo session, right? :)


Did I mention how RELAXED this family was?? :) I LOVED that Mom let the kids jump into the pool, clothes and all! Look what sweet faces I got after the girls jumped out..... priceless, I tell ya.


Thanks, Wendy and Company, for the super-fun, awesome evening!!! I feel like I went out with a bang!!

I'll be taking off the rest of June and most or all of July (except for some last-minute editing, placing a few orders, and delivering clients' prints, etc.).

Keep your eyes on the blog for announcements of when my little girl makes her grand entrance, and when I'll be back to shooting! It won't be long, I promise!! :) By the way, I'm already booking for August, September, and Christmas sessions for October! Shoot me an email (stacey@staceywoodsphoto.com), or drop me a line (727.698.0344), and I'll put you down in my schedule!