Constant. Craving.

Thank goodness I get to go back to Kookie Krums tomorrow!! Ever since I met Janet and tasted her yummy treats, I have been jonesing for more of her chocolate chip cookies! I would blame my cravings on the pregnancy hormones, but sadly I had this problem long before I got pregnant!! Stacey + Sweets = Love. And a few extra pounds. ;)



Okay, that's all I could photograph before I scarfed them down. LOL!

You've GOT to stop by her boutique! Gourmet coffee, homemade cookies, cookie bouquets (what perfect gifts!), stationery, photo albums and frames, gifts, seasonal fun stuff.... you name it. She's located on Main Street in Dunedin, and her shop is fabulous!

Stay tuned for more images from Janet's boutique... because we have a fun new project lined up together!! Keep watchin' the blog!