Did I say Brrr already?!

I meant, "Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!" This is the most snow, and the chilliest weather, that I've seen in over ten years!! Yes, I'm a spoiled Floridian now. Suffice to say, my blood has thinned considerably since moving away from Kentucky.....



Check out that cold little nose! :(


Parker LOVED the snow, by the way!!



Excuse the quick snap here... my camera and I were pelted with snow a half-second later! ;)



And if THOSE images don't make you shiver in your flip-flops, check these out....

This is what we woke up to the second day. I photographed these in the hayfield across from my parents' home. In three layers of clothing. LOL!



Imagine my delight when our plane touched down in Florida and we stepped out into 74 degree weather. Ahhhh, feels like summer! :)