Just letting y'all know that I'm out of the office.... from Tuesday 3/4 until Tuesday 3/11. (I'll be checking voicemail and email periodically during this time.) I'm in Kentucky visiting, photographing and actually.... RESTING. Can you believe that?! I've gone three straight nights with more than 4 hours sleep. Which is no small feat for a pregnant woman, no matter where she is. ha! But I'm having a great time. Parker is in hog heaven, playing with four of his cousins and their dogs. :)

Now, I hear that we're in for a snowstorm... they're calling for up to 5 inches by tomorrow. Good grief! What is this thin-blooded Florida girl gonna do?! Um, drag the kids out in it and take pictures, what else? :) To be honest, Parker has NEVER seen snow... besides the bit of accumulation on the sides of I-77 over Christmas vacation. But not enough to actually get out and walk in it... and touch it with his fingers. He's never made a snowman, never made a snowball or a snowangel. (Sandangels, yes!) So we're actually quite excited about the weather! As long as it clears up in time for us to fly home Tuesday, that is. ;)

I've already had a blast with my camera (and so has my sister) while I've been here. Keep your eye out for some maternity pics soon. ;)

Stay warm!!