Ding ding ding!! We have our winners!

I am thrilled to announce the winners of my first blog contest!!! And I'm so grateful to all of you who voted. I received nearly 150 votes since this contest began!! How awesome are y'all?? :) THANK YOU!!!

To those of you with whom I spoke about doing sessions out-of-state... let me know your details and dates as soon as you can. I can only fly for a few more months with this big belly of mine, ;) so if I get at least 2-4 families coordinated I will go ahead and make travel arrangements. Thanks again for all the wonderful compliments on my work. You really know how to make a girl blush. :)

OKAY! On to the winners!!

FIRST PLACE: Photograph #3 -- CONGRATULATIONS, Donna and Nathan!!!
I have to tell you, I'm so excited that Nathan won, because he really is an amazing kid. He's got a very special story too: shortly after birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and just recently type 1 diabetes in addition to that.

You would think that with all Life has handed him, he'd have a less-than-positive attitude, or he'd be spoiled rotten, or he'd complain, even a little... But you know what? He never complains a single bit! He is probably the bravest child I know, especially what with the constraints of his walker, his insulin pump and all the finger pricks on a daily basis. He plays baseball, is a video game SHARK, rides his 4-wheeler, pesters his older sister, and acts like a normal, grounded, 8-year old kid. He's UNBELIEVABLE!! A blessing to everyone who meets him. We just love him to pieces! I think I've said it before, but I know that Nathan is going to change the lives of all who come in contact with him.

SECOND PLACE: Photograph #2 -- CONGRATULATIONS, Trish and Macy!!!

And wouldn't you know it, but this sweetie has a special story too? Funny how life works, I'm so glad these two kids won!!! xoxo

Macy was born 7 weeks early with a congenital heart defect. She's had open-heart surgery, eye surgery, an operation on her tummy, a pacemaker, chest tubes, a collapsed lung.... you name it. And she's not even TWO yet! With all these setbacks, she has overcome every single one of them and is a sweetheart to boot. Macy is now undergoing therapy so she can catch up to other babies her age. With the help of her therapists and her sweet Mommy and Daddy, she's even learned how to pull herself up and is standing on her own! She adores her doggie, is a cartoon junkie, and loves to pop bubbles in the bathtub! With all she's been through, I thought this miracle baby certainly deserved to wear wings at her photo shoot!! ;) What a blessing she is. A real angel.

So, a big congrats to both my winners!! Thanks everyone for playing! And.... this one was so much fun, I'm gonna have another one!!!! :D Keep checking back in for details!!