Me and my babies.

Okay, one more "us" image... I couldn't resist. :)

Parker helped me set this up... he saw me by the window setting up the camera and ran up to me saying, "Mah-muh, I wanna hay-elp. I'm a pher-tog-eh-fer too!!" Love him to pieces. (He is quite good with the camera phone, I must admit.) ;) Anyhow, he hugged me and said he wanted to snuggle with the baby. (Oh melt my heart, wouldja??) And THIS is the ONLY shot I got of us before he ran off to watch the Backyardigans again....


*sigh* Technically imperfect, yes, but ya know... sometimes those "rules" go out the window when you love someone so much, and the emotion of the photograph means more. And I DO, REALLY, REALLY love these two babies of mine. xoxox

~Contest results will be posted tomorrow!!! So don't go too far... ;)