"Mama, ask Jesus if it's a boy or a girl..... "

This has been our bedtime prayer routine for the past few weeks..... Parker: Mama, let's ask Jesus if our baby is a boy or a girl. Me (looking up at the ceiling): Okay... Hey, Jesus? Will Parker get a brother... or a sister? Parker (whispering excitedly): What did he say?? Me: He said we just have to wait and see. Parker: Aww. (sigh) Okay....

WELL, we had our ultrasound today, and... Parker doesn't have to wait anymore!!!!!!



Guess what's inside this tummy??


OUR LITTLE GIRL!!!!! :) Isn't she sweet? Our ultrasound was wonderful and from what we can tell, she is perfect! About 11 ounces, and between 10-12 inches long. Wow! And I'm exactly halfway to her birth... I'm 20 weeks pregnant now. Parker has watched the DVD of the ultrasound twice since we've been home. Bless his heart! Honestly, if this little girl is half as sweet as her big brother, Chris and I will be the most blessed parents in the universe! xoxo

Anyhow, we are over the moon with our good news!! Thank you everyone, for your well wishes so far. We are all three so excited! Now... I've gotta get me some "girly stuff", as Parker calls it. We don't have a STITCH of pink in this whole house!

Oh, and I have to confess..... I've had a feeling that it was a girl the entire pregnancy. I've been waaaay more nauseous with this one (and for a much longer time!) than I was with Parker, and really.... no little boy would do his mama this way!! Ahh, the girly drama begins.