Apparently, the Wise Men were Notre Dame fans....

My funny kid. I declare, he makes me laugh, HARD, at least once every day. Today I walked by the coffee table, where I've put out my Nativity set (one of my FAVORITE gifts from last Christmas!!). I noticed something funny.... one of the wise men was wearing a football helmet!!! I almost spit out my drink!

See for yourself.... ;)


Aren't little boys the FUNNIEST creatures ever?!?! I don't know what in the world I'd do without my little prankster. Love his heart!

And here's a "bokeh" shot of my Christmas tree. I've really been into these types of images lately... (fyi, "bokeh" is the photography term for "out of focus points of light" such as these.) I find this sort of thing fascinating!!



Until next time!!! :)