Beautiful Life...

I love the opportunity to photograph an expecting mother. It's a time that's so special and so fleeting. (Although at 8 months and counting, I certainly know that time does not SEEM fleeting! It seems to drag on forever, doesn't it?!) Anyhow, I had the chance to photograph Kilty and her husband Robert, and I'm telling you... this is going to be one lucky child, to be surrounded by so much love. They were the sweetest couple, and you could just see them beaming when the other walked into the room. It was such an honor to witness!!

Here are some images from their day...







Doesn't she have the most perfect tummy?? I can tell where the little guy/gal is lying in this shot... can you? Isn't that amazing? New life never ceases to make me stop for a moment, and just be thankful. :)


Aren't they sweet? And I adore her laugh... so spirited, and so genuine. She really just lit up every time Robert got near her. It was precious to watch!

I looooooove this last image.... just love it to pieces! I'm a "simple" girl, and I love the lighting and simplicity of this photograph.


I have so many more! But you'll have to bribe Kilty to show them to you once I get her gallery posted online... lol! ;) I'm sooooo glad she booked my baby plan. I get to photograph their precious newborn next month! Can't wait to meet you, little one!! XO