It's MY Birthday this time!

Yep.  I'm old today.  ;)  Not really... I still feel like I'm in my twenties most of the time, and that's all that counts, right???  But alas, I'm officially "in my thirties" now.  Not just 30.  IN my thirties.  *big sigh* I had a wonderful birthday though!  My sweet husband brought me roses to work, my darling son sang "Haaaappy Birrrrtdaaay to ya-uuuu" (yes, that's written in plain "Southern"... can't you tell?) at least seven times to me throughout the day and evening.  We baked homemade Birthday Brownies tonight.  Oh my gosh..... the Barefoot Contessa's Outrageous Brownies (see, I was only kidding about my brownies-out-of-a-box!).  If you don't have the recipe yourself, then shame on you.  These brownies are out of this world.  Go get the recipe book, or download/print that link above!!!  They're wonderful.  Sinfully rich and oh so chocolatey, you can honestly only eat one or you'll pass out from pure bliss.  ;)

I also got a Shootsac for my birthday!!! Soooo excited, I can't wait until Fedex brings it to me! Perhaps the best part, was my birthday card from Parker. I overheard he and Daddy whispering together, so I tiptoed into the living room to catch this.....


Love their hearts. Then Parker ran up to me and presented me with this beautiful card.... a drawing of our little family. (Well, yes, Daddy helped him a little.) ;)


Parker even drew in a very little-known detail about Mama.... can you find it?? ;)

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my two boys???? Ohhhh... I love them to pieces.