Three girls.... and a stallion!!

Well there's a title that'll grab ya, huh? ;) I had SOOOO much fun at this session..... These girls were up for any crazy idea I threw at them... and a billion stops around downtown Clearwater, too! From the courthouse steps, to some funky garage doors, to lying in the middle of a field... which, incidentally, is where we came upon the horse!! Well, okay, the horse actually happened upon us. I was shooting this with Brooke....


and heard Morgan say, "Oh my gosh, look at that horse!" I looked behind me, and there was a HUGE majestic animal just parading out of his trailer, at the other end of the grassy field we were in, preparing to draw a carriage in a wedding later that evening! I was so glad his owners let us "borrow" him for a few shots... can you believe this?!

Meet Morgan... and Diesel!!

I was honored to photograph these girls and their mama. I have almost been in tears proofing through these, I'll admit! Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, maybe it's cause it's almost Christmas and I miss my own Mom, but maybe, just maybe, it's the sweet smile on Lori's face as she holds her daughters tight.... that just gets me... right... here..... :)







I completely LOVE that gate....



And possibly my favorite shot from the evening.... I have to say I felt very "Tara Whitney-ish" shooting this one!! :) (Double-click on it to lose the "scrunched-up-ness".)


That's it for now!! Back to my "Holiday Proofing Cave" for the next few days!! ;) I have more sessions to share, so stay tuned!!!!! :)