THIS is what Family is all about.

I really meet the most wonderful families in this blessed job of mine. This particular family was such a treat to work with, and so unique. We held their session at a local beach, and at their former home, which tragically burned in a fire several months ago. It was a way of personal healing for them, I think, a way of remembering and documenting a life that WILL very soon be rebuilt! Although in a different way, I'm sure.


One of the things that touched me the most was how the Chaboudys truly KNEW that a family is not about the home you live in, or the "things" you possess; rather family is about EACH OTHER, and being grateful for life and love. I can honestly say that I left this shoot so incredibly inspired by their strength, courage, and determination.



LOVED her shirt. :)


We kept "discovering" subtle symbolism everywhere. (Don'tcha love when that happens?!) Really, what an upbeat, positive, strong family this is. Just amazing!


The FUN part... a local beach at sunset! :)



And YES, I absolutely made them tromp through the muck and mud for this shot, while my big ol' pregnant self stayed up on the drier sand. LOL! Well, my Cole Haans did get stuck in some goop once or twice. ;) But I think that we all would agree that it was TOTALLY worth it, even if only for this next image. (My faaavorite!) Just look at that fabulous sunlight!



Last one.... so appropriate, I think. :)


Thank you, Chaboudy family, for allowing me into your hearts for this session! It was truly my pleasure.

xoxo, Stacey