maybe my OFFICE is where the wild things are.

I found out yesterday that my email hasn't been working properly.  I'm not sure if it's the email from my website contact form or my blog contact form, or just email in general, since they seem to be coming from all over.  But I'm working on getting the issue corrected with my web folks.  In the meantime, if you have emailed me in the past couple of weeks and I have not responded yet (I make every effort to return calls and emails within 24 hours ~ 48 hours at the latest), please know that I have not received your email.  If you wouldn't mind, do call me instead at 727-698-0344 until I get the issue resolved!  I thank you in advance for your patience! Now then, it's been far too quiet here on the blog, don't you think?  Rest assured I've been busy behind the scenes shooting and preparing image galleries (which, ironically, is why I haven't had time to blog said sessions!).  New client galleries are going up every day, orders are being placed at my labs, and the boxes of prints are arriving daily.  I felt a little sorry for my Man In Brown who just delivered a box of prints to my door and then tiredly said to me, "Hang on, there are two more boxes!"  ;)  So, in the spirit of kicking things into high gear for the Christmas portrait rush, and to quote my little friend Max (well, Maurice Sendak at least) say it with me:  "LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!"

And start it has!  I only have one or two openings left in November, and about two open in December.  Thank you to ALL of my very patient and fantastic clients for enduring the madness that is Christmas Rush, right along with me!

I'll be right back with some sessions to share....  there are so many I need to catch you up on!

xo, Stacey