my blackberry has been stolen and my imac has been taken over... a 17-month-old babygirl with blonde pigtails.  She was last seen wearing, um, no shirt... and a Huggies size 3.  My apologies to the random person she accidentally dialed today.  I have since put the keypad on LOCK.  ;) blog1web

She certainly was a feisty one today.  My little blond sweetheart ate 2 crayons, threw a brand new roll of toilet paper into the toilet (yes, while still on the little cardboard roll), dumped an entire container of Yoplait Light on the hardwoods in the living room and then proceeded to spread it around like it was finger paint.  (This is the last time I leave food on her highchair tray after she's down on the floor... she can reach the tray by herself now and is quite the sneaky little bandit!)  Little Miss here stood up twice in the Target shopping cart seat (while STILL BELTED IN, mind you).  She pulled the cat's tail and rubbed the leftovers of a biscuit into his fur.  She tried to flush four wooden counting beads (obsessed with the toilet, you see), scratched poor Parker's arm, and dumped numerous containers of EVERYTHING onto any surface she could find.  She did finally doze off for a whole five minutes, only to wake up as soon as I tried to put her down in her bed.  God forbid she actually miss creating another mini-disaster by napping the day away.


_dsc3735webIt's a good thing she's so darn cute.  And squeezable.  And funny.  And soft.  And smiley.  And chattery.  And incredibly affectionate.  And says "Mah-muh?" in the most darling little voice you've ever heard in your life.  Although Chris and I had quite the time out of her today, and neither one of us accomplished a whole heck of a lot workwise, aaaand besides the fact that we had many a mess to clean up this evening, you can certainly bet that I spent an extra few minutes snuggling her in the rocking chair before bedtime.  (Which she didn't fuss a peep over.  Imagine being so worn out from trouble-making discovering and exploring that you actually want to sleep?!)  I stopped and smiled and breathed in the smell of her wispy hair, and was so very grateful for my healthy, happy, rambunctious, sweet baby girl.  This tiny thing that I could never imagine life without.  Mess and all.