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I got a phone call when I was just two or three minutes from the park.  I could hear the disappointment in Brittany's voice.  My clients had already arrived at our location, and they were calling me in dismay.  It seems that there was an outdoor concert getting ready to start at the park that they had chosen to hold their family photo session... and there were crowds of people forming already.  I said a quick prayer and then headed on over, hoping that we could beat the crowds.  My clients had a brick engraved with their family's names on it, placed down by the riverwalk.  They took their little girl to this park often, and it was very special to them.  And if you know me, I love to incorporate familiar and meaningful places into my family photo sessions, and I certainly didn't want to disappoint them by having to move to another park instead.  I was hopeful. So I pulled out my trusty 85mm lens, and we stayed toward the edges of the crowds.  Thankfully, the concert-goers were all gathering in the sunniest spots on the lawn, which I wanted to avoid anyway.  I assured Jack and Brittany that all would be well, that we could stay after all, and we began shooting.

I am excited to share these images with you, not only because I adore this family (this is my fourth session with them), but because I'm excited to show them the results of our session amidst a crowd of a hundred plus people, in the middle of downtown Tampa.

© Stacey Woods Photography 2011

© Stacey Woods 2011Doesn't she look like she's the only little girl in the entire park?  There was a line of concert-goers walking behind her, camera left, just outside the frame.

© Stacey Woods 2011And there were three other people frolicking in the fountain nearby.  ;)

© Stacey Woods Photography 2011

© Stacey Woods 2011Sunlight + water = a happy child!  (And backlight + a gorgeous little girl playing in a fountain = a very happy photographer!)

© Stacey Woods Photo 2011 What hundred extra people, you say?!  Right.  It's all about working with what you have, and I'd say we got dealt a beautiful hand, packed concert and all!  Thanks so much, Jack, Brittany and Lena, for a lovely night at the park!  I truly enjoyed every minute of it (well, except the lovebugs!), and I hope you did too.  xo

Announcing Holiday Mini-Sessions!

At long last.  We're set.  This year I'm happily offering my Annual Mini-Sessions on the beach, and I'm thrilled to be able to offer you six five four TWO spots in the evening.  Our goal is to get the perfect photo for your holiday cards, Christmas gifts, and little treasures to last all year.  I expect these mini-sessions to go quickly, so email or call me as soon as you can to choose your most convenient time.  I look forward to hearing from you soon, and seeing your beautiful families and how the kids have grown since last time.  If you've never had a session with me, these can be a great way to get a quick session in, and get a feel for how I work with your family  Lots of my mini-session clients do turn into "regular session" clients during the course of the next year! Clearwater and Tampa Holiday Mini Sessions

The above design is just a taste of the gorgeous cards I'm offering this season.  ;)

Edited to add:  There are only TWO mini-sessions left at this time.  If you're contemplating booking a mini-session this season, I'd encourage you to either email or call me quickly to reserve your spot!  This is the only time during the year that I offer mini-sessions and this year they're booking fast.  Thanks so much!!  :) All the spaces are filled!!  Can't wait to photograph your families this season!

If you're interested in a regular session instead of the Mini Session (generally we spend at least 1 hour to 90 minutes at the location of your choice), I do have two (just two) regular weekend sessions available in October that I just opened up (one is morning, one is evening).  Weekdays are filled next, but those are almost full as well.  I'm grateful that so many of my clients have taken the early-bird route this year and have gotten their sessions scheduled ahead of time!  Can't wait to see you.


I've had this post on my mind for several days now.  Trying to find the right words.  Thinking of the importance of this session, and really, of every session I am commissioned to shoot.  I will tell you that immediately upon meeting them, I could tell that this darling baby girl is loved beyond her wildest dreams, and by so many people.  Her Daddy is undoubtedly thinking of her while he's overseas fighting for our country and protecting our freedoms, his daughter's freedoms, on a daily basis.  Her Mama has strength like I've never seen, and she is to be thanked for her many sacrifices as well.  I know it isn't easy. But I will say that there aren't many things in this life more recognizable and powerful than a parent's love for his/her child.  It's a beautiful thing to see.  And let me tell you, this child is loved.  Truly adored.

clearwater childrens photographer stacey woods

We met at a natural spring in this area, and the entire park was beautiful.  I plan on going back just as soon as I can.  The fields were beautiful and the light was delicious.  Backlight is my soft spot, you know.   ;)  And so are snuggles with Mommy.  Watching them together was mesmerizing.  And I must confess that I just kept shooting, and smiling behind my camera, long after I'd gotten the images I'd intended on getting... they were just too sweet together and their connection was so obvious, their adoration so mutual.  It really was precious and hard to turn my eye away from.  Every child should be this blessed!

palm harbor childrens photographer

tampa florida family photographer stacey woods

Daddy was only in for a short while, in fact he was leaving the next morning and would soon be on his way back overseas.  But watching him interact with his daughter was touching.  You see, he hadn't seen since she was just a few weeks old, and she had just turned one a few days before our session.  I imagine he'd had to get to know his daughter all over again as a toddler.  And that made me realize how lucky my children are to be able to see their Daddy at home every day.  It also reminded me to be extremely thankful for those who sacrifice that very precious thing for our sakes.  I don't think we could ever thank our servicemen and women enough.

clearwater baby photographer stacey woods

tampa military family photographer

Ami, Frank, I'm grateful that you were so willing to be in front of my lens.  Your daughter has such a sweet smile and personality.  You're doing a great job with her, and you are both such an inspiration of strength to me.  Thank you!

I have so many more images that I'd love to share, but I have to save some lovely surprises for their gallery.  Thank you everyone for stopping by the blog.  I appreciate you being here!  And I'll be back with more sessions to share soon.




I love photographing families.  I love watching them laugh and smile and tease.  I love discovering the resemblances ~ even if I don't fully notice them during the shoot, I'll certainly discover them while processing their images.  :)  This particular family was a treat to spend the morning with.  Although it was blazing hot and unbelievably humid (this was the very last day of July in Florida, keep in mind), this family was so patient and wonderful through the entire shoot. They've had to be even more patient with me as I soldier on through my crazy technical difficulty and blogging/posting issues.  So here is their "sneak peek", just a few days before their gallery goes live anyways.  ;)


Aren't they a gorgeous family?!  And listen to this ~ when I asked mom and daughter to squish up really tightly so I could capture them together, this sweet teenager said "Oh that's okay with me, I love this woman!!"  That melted my heart right there on the spot.  How many teenage daughters would honestly say that about their Mother these days?!  I love to see moms and daughters so close.




Ahem, I won't confess why they're laughing.  :)  But it's an honest laugh, that's for sure!!  Exactly what I was after.  And ya know what?  This image makes me smile every time I look at it!!  I'm having trouble moving on to editing the next image because I keep clicking on this one.  LOL!  I love when that happens.

blog12 Martin Family, I had a wonderful time with you guys ~ thanks so very much for braving the heat and humidity for your outdoor session.  Your gallery will be up in just a few days!  Can't wait to show you what else we got.   ;)

summer in the country

Well, not really.  But maybe the forest??  This location is probably my most favorite around... and the images I get are different every time I visit with a new client.  So I love that it stays fresh... I never tire of this place! And I could never tire of this family.  They were so much fun, and really complemented each other well.  Their whole family dynamic was just amazing to sit back and watch.  Take a peek!


blog2Mama with her "boys":

blog12Daddy and his "little" girl:

daddy's girl

drawingI seriously could have photographed them all evening.  Much to dad and bro's dismay, I'm sure (since they were starving).  LOL!  Thanks, G family, for an amazing evening!  I'm so glad the rain held off this time!  ;)

More sessions to be featured on the blog tomorrow!

Post-a-palooza continues....

I loved this session... big brother was so fun and full of energy (as per the age!), and their Mama was so patient and gentle with them the entire session.  That makes my job SO much easier!!  (Thanks Ashley!!  xoxo)

He was so playful, and so much fun.  What I'd give, sometimes, to just be able to play in the floor all morning without a care in the world.

He danced and danced.  I loved the light coming from behind him while he bopped around.  :)  And that blur of his arm just gets me.... makes me remember the way he spun around with pure joy.  Oh to be a child again -- just for a few moments!

His beautiful little sister was awake, and completely the opposite of her brother (well, this particular morning at least -- I don't know what their Mama might say about most other days!).  ;)  During the shoot, she was calm and gentle, and so serene.  She quietly soaked up the room with her big brown eyes.  I adored her.

See the difference between these two?  It's quite the same at our house too, I assure you.  LOL!  

And I wouldn't change that for the world.  :)  


This poor blog.  It's been so neglected lately.  I've had so many sessions recently and so little time to share them with you all!  So today, I am attempting to catch you up somewhat with some recent client sessions, plus a little of my everyday life-stuff.  In no particular order!!  

First up, meet Tyler.  His daddy called me wanting a session that captured WHO Tyler was, not just what he looked like in this sweet little toddler phase.  Ahh, music to my ears.....

We headed to one of my favorite parks to play.  (You'll see this park in a lot of my upcoming posts too... it has been a very popular location request lately!)

One of my favorites... Daddy is learning to play guitar, and he might just have a little protege on his hands!  ;)

sweet girl!

Okay, before I begin, I have to tell how much FUN Baby Loves Disco was last weekend!  It was an amazing success, and it sold out within its first HOUR!  Yes, by noon, the Blue Martini was at max capacity, and parents and kiddos were waiting in line halfway around the patio area.  So many wonderful families, so many fun things to do, and such a great place to hang out for the afternoon!  I even had my husband to bring my crew so they could party!  I can't wait to show you the images I've captured from the day.  (Well, ahem, on the NEXT POST!!  I promise.) I have been meaning to share this sweet family for about a week or so.  This is one of my Baby Plan Graduates, and it's always a pleasure to play with her and see her adorable grin!  We started out at their home, playing in Rainey's room.....  

Mr. Bear was a fantastic conversationalist, let me tell you.

I have always loved the soft light in her room.  It makes for such dramatic black and whites... right up my alley, you know!!!  ;)

Then we headed to Fort DeSoto....


And a few pinecones and leaves later, we wandered out to the beach....

Such a fun way to end the day.  Although their Baby Plan has ended, I hope I get to photograph this little gal and her adoring parents for years to come.


NEXT POST = BABY LOVES DISCO.  Pinky swear.  :)

Umm, wow. Thank you!!

I just took a quick look at my calendar and I can't believe how blessed I am.  I've been booked solid for October, and only have about three dates open in November.  Three!  My goodness.  THANK YOU ALL, so very very much, for entrusting your memories to me and this eye of mine.... and for BOOKING EARLY THIS YEAR!!  :)  It has been a very hectic couple of months, I have to admit, as I've come back from maternity leave to a jam-packed calendar.  Christmas sessions, maternity and family sessions, and fresh newborns... I can't even begin to thank you all for your business and for your patience as I continue to crank out galleries as fast as possible.  I've got several orders which have arrived this week that I will be shipping right back out, and lots of orders recently placed which should be back in a couple of weeks as well.  And just as many proofing galleries out, which are hopefully being salivated over by those clients.  ;)   That said, if you wish to book a session with me in November, please remember I have only 3 spots left.  First-come, first-served!  Also remember that THE LAST DAY TO ORDER FOR *GUARANTEED* CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS NOVEMBER 1.  Orders placed after that date will be processed as quickly as possible, of course, but pre-Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed at that point.

Okay... enough jabbering.  Now on to some photos!!  

This is one of my favorite families, and I've seen them three times this year already.  They get even more gorgeous each and every time I see them.....

Love the red cast on Brynne's arm....  good thing Daddy's a surgeon and fixed her right up!

I always love the soft pinkish light in her room.  And her sweet expressions do not disappoint!

This next one is a heart-melter...  just love the proud look on big sister's face.  :)  Guess who is 6 months old now?  Gosh how time flies....


Of course I had to grab some detail shots.... you know me and my penchant for photographing baby-toes.  :)

I just loooved all of that chub.......

Some well-deserved snuggle time with Mommy....  who, I just realized while proofing, reminds me a little bit of Carrie Underwood!  (Can you believe this beautiful woman just had a baby 6 months ago?!  Doesn't she look fabulous?)

Aaaaand then it was naptime.  :)