Product Feature | Gorgeous Handmade Albums

I sent out some gorgeous pieces to a few clients this week.  But before these pretty albums left my hands, I took a few photos so I could show you just how beautiful these handmade books are!  This is The Heirloom Album, which is offered a la carte or within my top print collection, and let me tell you... these books are of impeccable quality.  Cypress Albums does a fabulous job hand-creating them for me in their bindery, and I'm so proud to offer them to my clients.

This particular book is library-bound, but we also offer a ribbon-bound spine as well.  Each album comes tucked inside its own coordinating presentation box, covered in Japanese bookbinding fabrics and tied with Swiss ribbons.

Each album holds 30 matted prints from your session, permanently matted and hand-bound within the book.  These sweet clients chose black matted pages for their book, but we also offer natural mats as well.  I love these black mats, and I feel they're especially complimentary to black and white images... which happens to be the bulk of my work.

Won't this book be a treasure to pass down someday?

You can see how nice and thick each matted page is.  Told you... gorgeous.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sure and feature more of these detailed product photos for you.  I'm actually working on a dedicated product page here on the blog, for new clients who are interested in what they'll receive as final art pieces for their home.  Stay tuned for that!

Fresh | Tampa Newborn Photographer

Just a quick peep into this morning's newborn session... © Stacey Woods Photography 2011

I remember when my own babies' toes were this tiny, and it astounds me that I now have three-year-old little feet just pitter-pattering through my house.  Lila turned three on Wednesday and her birthday party is tomorrow afternoon.  This afternoon is filled with baking, decorating and wrapping.  And maybe a bit of rest if I can squeeze it in.

In about eleven weeks, I'll have my own third set of newborn piggies in the house though, and the cycle will begin again for me.  I can't wait for those days.

One Favorite | Tampa Bay Newborn Photographer

I am launching a gallery for this sweet family tonight, and I felt compelled to share a favorite image here while I finish up.  This photograph just makes me anticipate the arrival of my own little one, that much more.  Sweet light... sweet mama... sweet scrunchy newborn.  It was one of those in-between moments when he was fussing just slightly, and Jen was gently soothing him.  It was a moment that makes me happy that I could capture it. photo of a mother and baby in black and whiteI promise I have a lot more to share... soon.



McKenna Claire | Tampa Newborn Photography

As I sit here listening to the rain, my little girl is napping in her room.  A few minutes ago I snuggled with her, read her favorite book, and stroked her blond pigtails as she gently closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.  It seems like it was only a few short months ago that I was rocking her as a newborn, and stroking her dark hair as she closed her eyes. Makes me so wistful to have those days back... especially when I am working on images from a recent newborn session.  McKenna was probably my sleepiest baby to date... at just a few days old, she slept the entire time I was at her home, except for the last 15 minutes.  Her family could not have been more overjoyed with her!  Sometimes, when I'm shooting, I'll sneak a peek at Mom and Dad (and Grandma and Grandpa, if they're there), and it's such a wonderful feeling to watch them smiling in adoration at their tiniest little creation, lying there peacefully in front of my camera.  McKenna is going to be loved beyond compare, I'm certain of that!

tampa baby pictures

black and white newborn photography

tampa newborn photographer

clearwater lifestyle photographerSee what I mean?  She's adored already.  :)

lifestyle newborn photography tampa

tampa newborn photographerThank you, sweet S family, for indulging me and letting me spend the morning with you and your sweetest new addition.  Your entire gallery will be ready soon; I could barely close the folder when I went in to get your sneak peek ready!

the five on friday project

So I decided to do something a bit different around here, and have a little fun on Fridays.  I'm starting off with Five Things I'm Grateful For this week, but next week it might be five things to make or do with your kids.... five things that make me laugh... five pieces of baby gear that I'd love to recommend... five random facts about me...  five cool websites I've come across, or, if you're really lucky, five knock-knock jokes from Parker.  ;) You're welcome to join me!  I'd love to have some company, read your Five on Friday, and get to know you a little more too.  If you decide to play along, simply link us up in the comment section below!

FIVE ON FRIDAY  |  Grateful

1 |  I'm grateful for the rain we've had this week. Every. Single. Day.  The rain cools the Gulf waters down, and in terms of hurricanes, Warm Gulf of Mexico = Bad.  Cold Gulf of Mexico = Good.  Yay for rain!!

2 |  Grateful for a clean desk this morning.  Puts me in such a peaceful, productive mood.  I'm uncluttering for the next few weeks, in preparation for a busy fall photography season, and to purge some of the everyday things I've let back up over the summer.  Two bags of clothing were dropped off this morning, I have a clear desk on which to work, and I opened the door to a clean, pared-down closet with my all clothes organized by color.  Ahhh.  (No laughing, please.  Organization makes me happy beyond belief.)

3 |  I'm grateful for snuggly kids.  Parker and Lila have been sleeping in Parker's trundle bed this week (their choice) all cuddled up to each other as sweet as can be.  Well, Parker and Lila, plus 2 blankies and about 6 stuffed animals/dolls.  It's crowded in there but they love it.  My heart swells every night when I go check on them.

4 |  Grateful for this album.  The kids watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" the other night, and then chose this CD to fall asleep to.  And thank goodness.  I was getting tired of hearing the Veggie Tales over the monitor.  I could listen to Vince Guaraldi forever.

5 |  Grateful for our home.  So many people in Tampa Bay have lost their homes in the past few years, and even though my husband's industry (mortgages/finance) has suffered in a major way, we're still okay.  Our house is pretty tiny (it was our "starter home" almost 10 years ago), and we're crowded, yes.  But it's charming.  Full of memories, full of little quirks.  It's OURS.  It's where we brought our babies after they were born, where they've woken up every morning for their entire lives, our little space where we rest and work and play.  Where we can lie on a blanket in the backyard, under the palm trees and the blue sky.  And I'm grateful for it.

stacey woods photo

Yep, it's an iPhone photo today.  I think I'll finally start that 365/Grateful iPhone project I've been meaning to begin.  Can't wait to see your Five on Friday lists!!




This shoot was perhaps one of the most important sessions I've ever done.  I have permission from Heather to share her story with you, in hopes that it will inspire other women... mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, friends, to approach whatever challenges come their way with hope, strength, grace and peace.  To celebrate your life as it stands today, and to keep hoping.  To keep pushing. _dsc2394b

Heather was very recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She called me within a few days of receiving the news with an urgency and a desire for a photo session to celebrate her body and respectfully honor it at this time.  I was grateful and humbled that she chose me to help create these photographs for her, and my hope is that they will uplift her during this time, and years from now.


I was so proud of her strength and grace throughout the session!  We talked about being comfortable with our bodies and the strength within them; how life takes you on a journey and your body is the vehicle that carries you.... you go from being 100 pounds soaking wet when you get married, to pregnancies and births and the changes each milestone brings to your body.  You spend months or even years loving and hating the skin you're in, your weight, your shape.  But after a while you gain confidence in your body and accept and cherish it for its amazing capabilities to not only carry you through life, but also to perfectly nourish your babies, to help you work and walk and move and do and be.  Heather has finally accepted her body, complete with flaws and miracles, however with her diagnosis comes the reality that her body with certainly change again in some way, depending on which treatment option she must undergo.  It is my hope that these images will make Heather smile and be hopeful ~ if not today, understandably, then maybe next week, next month, or next year.  That's the wonderful thing about photographs.  They last forever, even when your life seems to change and evolve and leave those times behind.

tampa photographer

tampa lifestyle photographer

In the same vein, I want to make you aware of a very important local event happening here in Tampa tonight, benefiting All Children's Hospital and Moffitt Cancer Center through Cure on Wheels (which has donated more than $50,000 to cancer research in just two years!).  The 4th Annual Crack up Cancer Comedy Show will be held at The Improv in Ybor City.  Taken directly from The Improv's website:

"The 4th Annual Crack up Cancer Benefit comedy show benefits that innovative research and 100% of the profits made from the event will go directly to that end.  The benefactors of this fundraiser will be Cure on Wheels.  The 4th Annual Crack up Cancer Benefit will take place on Wednesday June 16th, 2010 @ 7:30pm.  The event will feature three local and regional comedians, including Master of Ceremonies, Mike McCarthy (The Comedy Barbarian) and a performance from the BILL OHSE and AL ROMAS.  The bar will open at 6pm, and show seating begins at 6:30pm. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 the night of the show."

You can purchase tickets in advance by visiting or you can purchase them at the door. Can't wait to see you there!


While you're at the show, make sure you enter the raffle to win a free session and 8x10 print from Stacey Woods Photography. It's a $415 value, so don't miss out on the opportunity to make some beautiful memories of your own.  Several other fine local business and organizations have donated all sorts of amazing items to CUC's raffle as well.

The founders of Crack up Cancer are also some of my very favorite clients.  Jack and Brittany Bevilacqua are very passionate about finding a cure for cancer in our lifetime.  They strongly believe in everything they're doing to help aid cancer research and awareness.  And so do I.

Heather, we're doing this for you too!  My prayers are with you this week.  Know that you are not alone, and that you have many people pulling for you and believing in you and that we have faith that you can beat this disease.  It was an honor to spend the morning with you, and getting to know you a little better.  xxoo

the superheroes | part one

I recently got to hang out with two young superheroes-in-training.  Both of these oh-so-cute brothers were celebrating their birthdays, and I got to play with them for a little while before their celebration took place at the Hall of Justice.  ;) First, we practiced our Lurking.  A superhero always has to be stealthy, on the lookout for villians... and, ahem, photographers.  Just ask Spiderman!  I was certainly happy to play the role of Peter Parker this day!


Next, we must practice our Hulk-Smashing and Web-Slinging "THWIP!"  "POW!"  "KA-BOOM!"  "WOP!"


And we must search for the perfect fence to try out our Wall-Crawling. A good superfriend must always be ready to climb, scale, and leap over tall buildings (and wooden fences) in a single bound.




And if that isn't enough superhero training, why, then we just wait until the REAL Batman and Spidey show up to take over.  :) be continued!


I love photographing families.  I love watching them laugh and smile and tease.  I love discovering the resemblances ~ even if I don't fully notice them during the shoot, I'll certainly discover them while processing their images.  :)  This particular family was a treat to spend the morning with.  Although it was blazing hot and unbelievably humid (this was the very last day of July in Florida, keep in mind), this family was so patient and wonderful through the entire shoot. They've had to be even more patient with me as I soldier on through my crazy technical difficulty and blogging/posting issues.  So here is their "sneak peek", just a few days before their gallery goes live anyways.  ;)


Aren't they a gorgeous family?!  And listen to this ~ when I asked mom and daughter to squish up really tightly so I could capture them together, this sweet teenager said "Oh that's okay with me, I love this woman!!"  That melted my heart right there on the spot.  How many teenage daughters would honestly say that about their Mother these days?!  I love to see moms and daughters so close.




Ahem, I won't confess why they're laughing.  :)  But it's an honest laugh, that's for sure!!  Exactly what I was after.  And ya know what?  This image makes me smile every time I look at it!!  I'm having trouble moving on to editing the next image because I keep clicking on this one.  LOL!  I love when that happens.

blog12 Martin Family, I had a wonderful time with you guys ~ thanks so very much for braving the heat and humidity for your outdoor session.  Your gallery will be up in just a few days!  Can't wait to show you what else we got.   ;)